Tournament Rules

Mandatory release of live fish. Four ounces deducted from total weight for each dead fish.
No shotgun blast-off starts
All starts will be based on the boat number drawn at the tournament draw.
It’s the member’s responsibility at the time of weigh-in to ensure that his/her catch is entered correctly into the club records.
Five fish limit per angler. (Unless otherwise stated by state law)
If club event has the State Tournament exemption, the minimum length is 12 inches with mouth closed to the tip of tail then measured on a flat board. Non-exemption will follow State regulations minimum of 14 inches and only one over 22 inches. If we are using the Golden Rule a 12 inch minimum will be used with only the best 5 fish recorded.
Penalty for a short fish will be the loss of that fish plus the largest fish.  Fish under size must be released immediately. Decision of the Tournament Chairman is final.
Life jackets are mandatory any time the boat is on plane.
A working engine kill switch is mandatory.
Live well with an aerator is mandatory.
Mandatory drawing for partners (unless otherwise noted in the club schedule). Boater s that were not matched with a non-boater will be paired with the next boater drawn. Location and times of the drawing can be made at the discretion of the Tournament Chairman.
Members cannot fish with the same partner in successive tournaments.
No alcoholic beverages or foul language allowed.   
Penalty for late return to weigh-in will be one pound for each minute late and after 15 minutes late the contestant will be disqualified.
Artificial lures only. No live or prepared baits other than port rind strip type baits.
All non-boaters are required to pay the boaters $30.00 entry. In most cases paid entry for the boater by the non-boater covers the gas expenses. If the boater plans to travel more than the covered entry the boater must inform the non-boater in advance. It should always be a joint decision as to where to fish. Boater and non-boater must jointly make decisions on further expenses.
Any boater arriving late for a tournament must find the nearest club member who is in the tournament and have that member check the live well and kill switch before they are eligible to fish in the tournament.
Any non-boater not showing for a tournament after committing to fish will be responsible for paying the boaters entry.
Any no shows at a tournament without prior notification to the Tournament Chairman or other club officer could be penalized one point and could be subject to further penalties pending review by the club officers.
Anyone leaving the tournament before weigh-in time must notify a member who is fishing or leave a note on a member’s windshield before leaving.
All boats must be accounted for before the weigh-in. The Tournament Chairman determines who stays in the water for a search party for any boat not returning at weigh-in time.
Any boat that breaks down may:

Have some other boat bring his partner in with the catch while the boater stays with his boat.
Return to a ramp other than weigh-in site and trailer to weigh-in. The boat is not allowed to re-enter water.
In both situations, the boat or catch must be on-time at weigh-in.

Point System – Regular Tournaments

Tournament standings will be determined by most weight less penalties. (30 points for 1st place, 29 points for 2nd place and so on for each place that weigh fish).
If a member has no legal fish to weigh-in, the member will receive 1 point for attendance.
Up to the top three fishermen will receive a payout as outlined in Article VI , Section B(1) of the Constitution and By-Laws.
Member catching the big bass will receive the big bass pot if the member is paid up prior to the tournament.
Annual Club dues must be paid prior to the tournament before an angler can receive a payout or be eligible to receive points.
One additional bonus point per tournament   will be awarded if the member wears club colors such as a club hat, club shirt or club logo.
One additional bonus point per tournament will be awarded if the member attends monthly club meeting.
Bonus points don’t apply to the Classic Meeting or Classic Tournament.

In the event of a tie in one of the first three places, the tying members will evenly divide the sum of the money awarded for the tie position and the next position down. (Example:  Two people tie for 1st place. The prize money for first and second places are added together and divided equally between the two members. Both members will be deemed as finishing first for points and there will be no second place winner. The third place winner will remain in third place for the calculation of points, prize money and awards).Type your paragraph here.